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Welcome to BitAnalyzer's official website, it is a free, simple and useful URL finder which help you find the URLs hidden behind javascript or activex scripts.

BitAnalyzer can find the windows media streaming, realmedia streaming, flash video and mp3 streaming and other streaming media downloadable address(HTTP, MMS and RTSP protocol)

Step by Step

1.Click the "Start" button, open the "Adpater Information" window

2.Select the right adapter, click "OK" button and start to analyze network.

3.BitAnalyzer start watching network traffic. Now, please go to the page and play the video or audio. All URLs will be found in the list


What is winpcap in BitAnalyzer :

WinPcap is an open source library for packet capture and network analysis for the Win32 platforms. It includes a kernel-level packet filter, a low-level dynamic link library (packet.dll), and a high-level and system-independent library. More detail, please visit:

How to download the links:

BitAnalyzer only get the links, if you want to download the stream video and audio, please try "HiDownload"

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